Edmonton’s Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts

Throughout Canada many companies are offering incentives to drive an electric vehicle (EV). That is, is any vehicle that is partially or entirely powered by electricity and plugs in to recharge. EVs build on proven hybrid technology and offer even greater reductions in fuel consumption and emissions than conventional hybrids. There are two main types of plug-in vehicles for sale in Ontario and surrounding areas: Battery electric vehicles, or BEVs run only on a battery and an electric drive train, plug into an external source of electricity to recharge.  Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, or PHEVs plug into an external source of electricity to recharge and also use an internal combustion engine should the battery run low.  You can recharge your EV at home or at select public charging locations. EVs can typically travel at least 100 kilometers on a single charge, and some can travel more than 500 kilometers using a combination of battery and gasoline engine technology.  You may be eligible to receive a rebate of between $5,000 and $8,500 (based on the capacity of your new EV’s battery). You may also receive a rebate of up to $1,000 on a new Level 2 ((220V, 30amps) home charging station for your vehicle.  Recently Edmonton celebrated the fifth annual National Drive Electric Week. EV drivers and enthusiasts from all over Alberta motored to Edmonton to highlight the fun, and environmental benefits of electric cars.

Edmonton’s fun facts: Just a 3.5 hour drive from Edmonton you’ll find yourself amidst the Canadian wildlife. Jasper National Park is the largest of its kind (10,878 square kilometers) in the Canadian Rockies. The park is internationally known for the great hiking-trails, wildlife viewing and skiing.

Edmonton is one of Canada’s sunniest cities with 325 days (or 2,345 hours) of bright sunshine every year!


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