Edmonton’s Plan of Action to Reduce Flood Damages

The City of Edmonton is in the process of reviewing various strategies to prevent future basement backups for homeowners. In recent months, the occurrences of flooding and changes to weather patterns have been attributed to, in part, the effects of climate change. Edmonton is preparing to raise available funding in order to address these concerns expeditiously, as storms have been severe in recent months. A basement flood protection plan is a strategy to protect many of Edmonton’s older homes while they are most susceptible to flooding damages. A massive storm could be the impetus for sewer overflows in basements, as well as cause unsafe conditions on local roadways. Older communities in Edmonton were built to a drainage standard that did not have the same criteria as the newer neighborhoods of today.  Now, roads are used to take excess water to a storm water pond during an impactful event. What was once classified as a one-in-100-year storm has now been reclassified to a one-in-50-year storm. The agenda that the city is strategizing is anticipated to be far-reaching as Edmonton continues to outline the best plan for preparedness for flood mitigation.

Edmonton, did you know? The flood proofing program assists homeowners who have experienced basement flooding due to sewer back-ups resulting from a severe summer rainstorm. The program offers residential property owners a number of services ranging from flood prevention information to financial assistance for installation of an approved backwater device.

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