Edmonton Prepares Pipeline Survey and Offers Solutions

Mill Woods is a residential area in the City of Edmonton. The neighborhood has been anticipating the completion of a sewer project designed to increase the capacity to handle heavy storms by building a new, much larger storm pipeline. The new pipeline would help carry water away from the community and, combined with other projects, was aimed at avoiding a repeat of the 400 homes that saw floods in the residential area after a recent year’s summer storm. The project is now anticipated to be completed next year as unexpected soil conditions have caused delays, in addition to making the tunneling process difficult.

In Edmonton, replacing damaged sewer lines between a person’s home and property line can cost as much as replacing a roof, roughly $10,000. The City of Edmonton has created a program to inform homeowners of the cost involved when upgrading their own portion of the pipeline, as well as assisting with the best and most affordable options. The assistance program plans to relaunch a new incentive program for 2018. Many old pipes were built with laminated tar paper or clay tile. Several residents were unaware of the cost involved for repairs. The city also aims to assist seniors on fixed incomes who might be ill-prepared financially when the sewer line suffers collapse. The city is in the process of preparing a thorough report and analysis on a variety of pipeline problems, as well as possible solutions. Homeowners can call 311 to get city officials to check the state of their private sewer line. If needed, the cost for a scope is generally up to $334.

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